The Small Victories Project (SVP) Team would like to provide an initial update to our families, friends, donors, and key personal that were instrumental to the rapid establishment of SVP and the execution of Project 01: Ukraine (UKR). Without your mentorship, support, assistance and funding SVP and Project 01 would not be possible. Thanks to each and everyone of you!!

Rocky and Ed arrived Warsaw on March 16th,  our PROJECT C.U.R.E. medical supplies were delayed in London (Heathrow). We linked up with our British Police (Bobby) transportation, loggie, fixer, medic, and new friend Calam (more on Calam in update #2) in Warsaw. We remained in Warsaw for an additional day to work frustrated baggage and planning.

We crossed into Ukraine on the 18th and began conducting projects in Lviv, UKR. The network (US, International, UKR civ/mil) of people working together to support UKR is amazing  As of the 20th , we have conducted 6 activities in support of Project 01 in and around Lviv. Our activities have included: delivery of medical supplies and cash donations to Mamay Project for medical supply and humanitarian aid delivery to the front-lines; toured the Western Ukraine Childrens Hospital Lviv to determine future needs; provided cash donations and toys to families of under-privileged families at the children’s hospital; provided medical supplies to the children’s hospital; and received trauma kits and medical supplies from The Bridge of Life NGO for SVP to transport to Kyiv for distribution in Southern UKR.

Our U.S. medical supplies arrived on the 20th, with no negative impact on the mission. Fully loaded with supplies, we drove to Kyiv on March 21st and are conducting medical supply distribution and orphanage projects.  We have established relationships with (5) International NGOs for current and future Project 01 engagements. Force protection and common sense will remain a priority throughout Project 01.

Thanks again to each of you for your support, assistance, advice, hard work, prayers and love.

We truly appreciate it!!!

Rocky, Ed, and Wade
“One Small Victory at a Time”