The Small Victories Project (SVP) Team would like to provide a 2nd update to our families, friends, donors, and key personnel. Again, without your mentorship, support, assistance and funding Project 01: Ukraine would not be possible. Thanks to each one of you!

Rocky, Ed, and Calam (BRIT Cop) arrived in Kyiv late on March 21st and secured lodging in Kyiv. The following day we met with several U.S. and UKR contacts to get updates on the current situation and the areas of greatest need. We decided to focus our attention on the previously Russian occupied area near Kherson on the Back Sea.

A mutual friend put us in touch with Chaplain Oleg, a fantastic human that has done amazing work in the Mykolaiv region. A close friend recommended an interpreter (Dmitry) and we began communicating and planning with Chaplain Oleg and his team. On March 23rd we departed Kyiv early, loaded with medical supplies for Mykolaiv. Enroute to Mykolaiv we stopped in the impressive coastal town of Odessa to eat and enjoy the view of the Black Sea. We arrived in Mykolaiv late, secured lodging, and the following day we linked up with Chaplain Oleg and his team and went to work.

Chaplain Oleg gave us an overview of the threat and the need in and around Mykolaiv and Kherson, as well as some history of the area. We began by visiting the Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Hospital and were able to deliver some much-needed trauma equipment and medical supplies. We were able to tour the hospital and listen to stories from patients and staff.

Next, we drove to the village of Oleksandrivka in Kherson Oblast (like a US State) to deliver medical supplies along with food substances provided by Chaplain Oleg and his team. Near Kherson we were able to witness significant devastation that took place under Russian occupation. Oleksandrivka was 95% destroyed, had no running water, and the only power was by portable generators. We delivered medical supplies and funding and were given a tour of the town where we met some residents. Some of the elderly and immobile stayed during the Russian occupation (for 9 months) and some are just now returning after Ukraine liberated the town (3 months ago).

The resiliency, grit, and determination we witnessed by both young and old was humbling. Everyone was working – rebuilding was ongoing, defensive positions were re-established, and they were preparing for the future. The Mykolaiv and Kherson areas are in significant need; they were ideal locations to focus our effort. We finished in the southern region and are returning to Kyiv.

Thanks again to each of you!!!

Rocky, Ed, and Wade
“One Small Victory at a Time”