The Small Victories Project (SVP) Team would like to provide a 3rd and final update to our families, friends, donors, and key personnel. Again, without your mentorship, support, assistance and funding Project 01: Ukraine would not have been a great success. Thanks to each one of you!!

Update #3: Rocky, Ed, and Calam (BRIT Cop) returned to Kyiv from Mykolaiv late on March 25th. The following day we met with several U.S. and UKR contacts to get additional updates on future needs and requirements.

We met with some outstanding individuals and organizations that are truly committed to making a difference in Ukraine. We also took the opportunity to visit some of the notable sites in Kyiv, the Motherland Monument and Maidan Square. March 27th we departed Kyiv by train to begin making our way back to Warsaw, POL.

We took a 9-hr train ride to the border and then rented a car to get back to Warsaw. On March 29th we dropped our fixer and new great friend Calam off at the airport to return to England, he was truly a difference maker. Rocky and Ed visited the PTAK Humanitarian Aid – Refugee Center in Warsaw.

At the time of our visit it housed 500 refugees, the majority women and children. The conditions were very good, with ample food, lodging, clothing, and free health care. We were able to provide some direct financial assistance to individuals and families. We were extremely impressed by the number of people that said they had everything they needed. Poland has truly done an amazing job of assisting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

On March 30th Rocky and Ed returned to the U.S. from Warsaw without issue.

Project 01: Ukraine was an amazing experience. While the sights and sounds of war were ever-present, they were overshadowed by the incredible human spirit. The international people that we met were phenomenal, coming from all over the world to assist. The pride, honor, resiliency, grit, and determination of the Ukrainian people was inspiring and humbling. We hope to bring some of that home with us!!

Thanks again to each of you for what you did to make this a success!!!

We love y’all and truly appreciate you!!

Rocky, Ed, and Wade
“One Small Victory at a Time”